The Good Life

The Good Life, relationships are built, trust is established and culture is changing. Jamie and Eliot discuss what the AT / AD relationship looked like once they got past the rough spots.

Good Life

Coach Allen, what has been your favorite part about working with Jamie?

She is such a problem solver. She anticipates problems that are going to occur.

Jamie, Your favorite part about working with Coach Allen?

Very patient and graceful when things do not go his way.

He did not shut down when I came on too strong.

“Is it best for the kids?” is a driving force for him

What was your biggest sports medicine victory together?

When I first got into it I wanted to do a lot but I had to clean and organize everything first.

I knew I was going to forget something big like AEDs.

Bart Peterson had a checklist he shared with Jamie that was part of the PASS system.

This really helped us prevent compliance slip-ups.

We changed the culture of healthcare in Brenham.  The ripple effect. 

The overall respect our community and school had for ATs

We built up to having 4 ATs.

Parents and students were asking for it. 

What are some of your smaller wins?

  • I needed a window door if I had to have a closed-door conversation.
  • Hydration systems – moved away from trash cans
  • Radios
  • Lockers for student ATs
  • We shut down the gym AT and moved everything to the field house AT Facility.
  • Having the plan written out on the whiteboard allowed us to collaborate more.

Any regrets?

Coach Allen – Not really, have not worked with anyone I trusted as much as Jamie.

I came in too strong.

When I left Brenham it was an unexpected change.  It was not something I was looking for and therefore was a little unprepared.

There were some organizational things I had not prioritized because of the bigger issues.

Talk about the Master’s Degree

I got my degree in public health because I was ready to leave the profession.

Through the master’s I learned how happy I was in the profession

In Brenham, I did not have time for all the school health stuff while we were making adjustments.

The pandemic was really a blessing for an AT with a degree in public health.  Being married to Josh Woodall helped us really sit down and work side by side and help set up procedures to get stuff back to the school and back to athletes.

The leadership team was meeting and Coach Allen knew Jamie would be a great asset.  He pressured the admin to let her in.

Delivery is key

Respect is built and given, not taken

We did Character Talks with our athletes to help grow the respect for the AT staff.  Jamie spoke at some of them.


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