How It Started

How It Started is not how it ended. Jamie and Eliot Share their stories and motivation for changing the culture of Sports Medicine in Brenham ISD.

How t started
eliot allen

Eliot, before Jamie Woodall, what was your take on Athletic Trainers?

I was a head football coach for 20 years in Houston

We had ATs that were old school and then a series of newer ATs that really opened my eyes

I wanted to move to the model of “head and assistant” vs male and female

Jamie, What was your take on Athletic Directors?

I have had some great experiences and some bumpy ones

Many of those belong to me as being young in my career and lacking the finesse in my conversations.

Why did you interview for the job with Eliot?

I am happy where I am but I was willing to look.

It sounds like Rudder is a situation that someone can walk into and keep the machine running.  We need someone to take care of our kids like that.

I lost the Assistant AD title, I had to commute…I was losing a lot.

Tell me about your “List of Demands”



Hydration units

Water access on one of the practice fields

How it started

Jamie, you got your master's to leave the profession of AT.  Why did you stay?

I got a master's in public health and was really ready to leave.

I could not go to work every day and be happy.

I loved the AT-specific aspects of my job.

Some of those things were my mental decisions, it was my mindset.

Eliot, how did you help Jamie become a little more palatable?

Jamie’s resume was really outstanding

We needed a lot of help.

She really came in guarded, even stating all coaches are A**holes until proven otherwise

I had a plan to get it all started, but those got changed.

Physicals are starting to come in and I do not have a filing system.

We hired a second AT and I pushed for a second female.  I wanted to remove the male-female divide.

I wanted someone who already knew my personality.

We wanted physicals every year and not just odd years.

In the coaches' meeting, Eliot stole my show.

I am protective by instinct.  I knew I needed to push the coaches so she didn't take the blame.

“It was my job to stand on her own two feet.”

The relationship between the AT and coach can be really tough.  Try to see the best in each other.

Being able to relax and trust them

Jeremy Jackson

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How it started