Leadership AT Home

John Ciecko and Dr. Matt Kutz share what they are doing to take leadership at home seriously.

Leadership at home, Matt kutz, John Ciecko

How do we Develop Leadership AT Home?

Intentionally scheduling my time is critical for me.

Johns daily schedule

When during the day are ATs practicing leadership most?

ATs tend to stop practicing leadership when they are not in their AT role.

Leadership is not something we put on and off, it something we are.

Leadership is something we take with us everywhere we go.

Dr. Kutz homeschooled because he wanted to teach them some very specific skills

Americans are one of the only cultures that do not celebrate life milestones

“Communication is a result of something else, not a goal”

– Dr. Matt Kutz

When kids come into the picture your values change.

Management shines best when the situation has occurred before.  It really struggles when a situation is novel.  That is when Leadership shines.

V.U.C.A. leadership world.

Authoritarian leadership is not dictatorship. “It is ok to say, Do this because I said so.”

“As your team and relationships grow, the techniques you use early on do not work later on.”

Favorite resource for raising kids?

Becoming a modern-day knight

Kids had to do book reports to earn money it was a great way to expose them to skills and knowledge.

  • TIME is the best resource
  • Own your mistakes and apologize