Mental Health Diversity

Why not me? Why should I not participate in the Mental Health Diversity talks? – Janet Lin Craft

Living Room Talks – a way to discuss Mental Health Diviersity

Living room talks…what are some of your takeaways?



Talking as therapy

Hurt experienced- academia microaggressions, 

Frustration with lack of progress in society ( still teaching)

 and profession ( numbers same, small moves by all partners

Hope too: hoping for better

Understand small moves

How does your ethnicity/ culture look at mental health?

First gen- work mode


Finding time

Trying to find someone like you….

Work, family, upbringing, mentors, work life integration, setting

Personal experience with Mental Health Diversity

Who would be your star struck guest on living room talks?


Unfamiliar people, becoming friends and colleagues and go-to

Saying yes, being open and honest

“Open book”, ask me anything

==open door

Mental Health diversity…what are the struggles?


Finding someone like you

Call to action:

NATA resources: EDAC, ATs CARE

Seeing people, really see them, be uncomfortable (question yourself and others)

Jeremy Jackson

Michael MacPherson –

Lisette Guerrero

Janet Lin Craft –

Victoria Morris – TikTok: @coachmorrisat

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