Nutrition Myths – Kim Lowry

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Nutrition Myths are so close, so easy, so trendy…Kim Lowry discusses some of the Sports Nutrition myths with Ryan Collins at the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Update.


2-2.2 grams of protein if they are trying to bulk up

Total calories are a common misconception

You can not bulk up Muscle but not add any fat…almost universally

Spread it out throughout the day

Nutrient Timing

Research is mixed – some say within an hour increases your muscle growth

You can ap into muscle synthesis about every 3-4 hours

High Protein snacks and meals


Low-fat cheese sticks

Greek yogurt

Deli turkey

P3 packets

Protein bars and shakes

Adding chicken to your pasta dish


You can add peanut butter

Or peanuts

I like to use the “Tasty App” and search for dorm room ramen for healthier options

Eggs are another good option

Creatine is BAD…

Pretty much all of the nutrition myths have been disproven in all healthy usage of creatine.

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