SWATA Experience – Sean Hwang

Sean Hwang discusses his first SWATA experience with Dr. DJ Gilliland.

Sean Hwang

Tell us your story, Sean

Korean American

Went to UT Austin.

US Army field artillery officer for 3 years

Went to chiropractor undergrad for a semester

I had been doing something similar to AT with my amateur Korean soccer teams

I shadowed John Houston at the University of Houston Women’s Basketball

SWATA Student Track?

I was not expecting to learn a lot because they made it out to be a fun hang-out.

Dr. Knoblauch’s lecture about balance

Being up to date on current trends

Cannabis lecture from Dr. Konin

Have you met anyone knew?

I would love to…but I have not really.

Dr. Harrison: we will take you around and let you shake hands with everyone

Does UH pay for the students to go to SWATA?

Nope they fundraise

Last year's group did a great job fundraising.

The stickers and bracelets were a pretty big hit

How many students ended up coming from UH?

There were about 20 students.

Our preceptors and partners jump on the opportunity to get the students here.

If you are passionate about learning new things then coming to SWATA is the place to be.

What has been the most unique thing you have learned so far?

Cannabis is not THC. CBD can be used without it causing an impact on your THC test levels.

Suggestions from Sean

I would like to see more nonathletic setting workshop courses here at SWATA.

Tory Trevino asks: what are you learning as professionals?

DG: CBD talks

DG: Seeing people I have not seen in years

LH: Bre’Layshia’s talk included a personality trait test and have mock conversations with different personality types.

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