Post Exercise Recovery Nutrition

Post Exercise Recovery Nutrition is one of the topics Brett Singer addresses with high school, college, and professional sports in Houston as part of the Ironman Sports Medicine team.

Post Exercise Recovery Nutrition

Doubling carb intake prior to an event

Cliff Bar and Gatorade

Gatorade and a banana

Applesauce and Gatorade

Gummy bears or Fruit snack

Choose any two of them and that should get you to the right amount.

Is there a chart for glycemic reference?

Brett uses the USOC recovery chart

Glycemic Index Chart by National Library of Medicine

Post-exercise nutrition can minimize the NEED after for a recovery drink

Milk is more effective at rehydration than just water.

If you are eating then you probably do not need the recovery drink

Electrolyte drink vs Gatorade

Situations dictate different needs.

The 10-year-old kid will likely need less than an adult

Sodium and Chloride are the most important components of the recovery drinks

Professional soccer players may lose 6-7 pounds during the course of practice

A meal and water with an electrolyte drink between meals.

Youth bodies can handle the heat better?

2% of body weight loss shows visible effects of performance

In general, water should suffice if trying to recover 12 ounces (kid) versus 72 ounces (adult)

What are some dehydration signs to look for in Youth Sports?

Losing abnormal amounts of sweat





Weighing in and out should be done with caution.

High School and Rec athletes – Are there ideal mixes? 

There is not one that has all of the needs of an athlete.

Most products are insufficient for high-level athlete carb needs

3 to1 or 4 to 1 ratio is ideal for carbs/protein but needs to look at the big picture.

20-40 grams of protein

High-glycemic foods in recovery are OK

Creatine and Post Exercise Recovery Nutrition

I do not push it for high school athletes but it is safe.

Following the guidelines is important

The benefit is really for the high-level athletes

It also helps with glycogen replenishment

Whey vs casein protein?

It does matter how much protein you take in?

As far as protein synthesis goes 20-40 grams is the general window

Adding glycogen to protein does not improve glycogen uptake

Focus on carbs if there are small windows between competitions or training sessions.

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