Q-Collar with Dr. David Smith

QCollar seems like just another gimmick…but this could really be a life-changing tool. Dr. David Smith, inventor of the Q-Collar joins me to discuss the story, how it works, and his book When Heads Come Together.

David Smith, Q-Collar, When Heads Collide

Where did the idea for the Q-Collar start?

Dr. Dave was presenting at the Army Research Lab in 2008 where they threw down the gauntlet complaining that clever people should “figure out Traumatic Brain Injury.”

I was working on wound care.

When presented with the woodpecker I immersed myself in the anatomy and physiology of cavity animals.

During a yawn, you are occluding your jugular.

When getting FDA clearance, what were some of the harder questions you had to answer?

42 patents

We are the only FDA-approved TBI prevention device.

Is there any concern with extended use, like several hours at a time?

FDA recommends 4 hours.

We lay down to sleep for 8 hours at a time and occlude our jugulars.

When Heads Come Together – this is a more detailed story about your journey to “solve” TBI…discuss the book.

Julian Bailes listened to me and encouraged me

Discuss the rebreather and how you can reverse TBI.

We looked at how a giraffe breathes

In the first 10 minutes after a concussive event, there is a critical issue

We partnered with Dr. Jedd Hardings at Cinncinatti

Spreading depolarization

I told him CO2 was the trigger for the depolarization

They raised the CO2 levels of a legally brain-dead patient in a coma.  The family agreed to try this and 4 hours later he awoke from his coma.

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