Reducing the Fear of Hamstring Injuries

Eddie Smith shares how the state powerhouse Katy Tigers are reducing the fear of hamstring injuries during rehab for their athletes.

Reducing the Fear, Eddie Smith

There have been 6000 papers published about hamstring injuries

The research is all over the place.

The only real consensus is Nordic hamstring curls

We start with NSAIDs

The next day we start with movement


Ankle movement

Heel slides

As soon as they can walk pain-free we get them back on the field

We use short lever arm exercises

We use Catapult for GPS data and can help know when our players are working within a safe range.

If it is a larger injury, how do you talk them through the mental aspect?

Know your athlete

Communicate with all of the stakeholders



Mom and dad

0-80% is easy, but 80-100% is the really hard part.

Educate them on some of the options: PRP, Cryo, …anything that will help them feel better.

Mentally they are prepared, physically they are not.

How do we reduce the recurrence of injury?

The first two weeks are most commonly the time frame for reinjury

Repeat the exposure incident over and over again.

I like to have them sprint over and over again.

How do we recreate sprinting for the kids that can not?

We want to train on the speed-strength continuum as much as possible

Gymaware is the bar speed program we use.

Nordic Hamstring curl

  • Highest-rated prevention exercise
  • Activates the highest quantity of muscle fibers

How can we implement “reducing the fear” into off-season or pre-season programming?

Implement the eccentric

Are there any hamstring quad deficits

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