Question Without Questioning

Daniel Bellamy left us with a great line in his first podcast: Question Without Questioning. I knew we needed more time to discuss this so we scheduled another session.

Question without Questioning

We missed some parts of the story

  • Grew up in Washington DC
  • Son of a pediatricain and a recreational therapist
  • Grew up in the church
  • When he got to college he decided to test out the college life

Where did that lead you?

I began to question my faith, and I struggled with anxiety. I used drinking and smoking and partying as a way to cope or deal with the anxiety. I eventually came to an “I am going to fix this” situation. That's when I met my wife and started doing great.

“When my wife got pregnant I panicked and started back up. My son was born and I heard a sermon that really struck my heart and changed everything.”

I need to have some initiatvie, I need to get my wife and I out of my parents house and lead my family. I need to take advantage of the time and blessing i have been given.

– Daniel Bellamy

Why did you move on?

I was just coasting, I was chilling at the high school and not really growing.

I needed to repair some relationships, get out of my parent's house and make some more money.

That lead me to develop my core values as an AT while at Howard University.

What are those Core Values?



How do we question without questioning?

Assume the BEST – almost no one was out to get me. If I approach from that perspective it usually goes well.

Be curious to understand – truly ask how, why, when because you want to learn

Enter their space – hit the weight room with the coaches or catch up at baseball practice

Overcommunicate – this leaves you with plenty of deposits in that relationship bank account.

Invite them into your world – joint CEU options or planning and policy teams.

Invite Daniel to speak to your AT program

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