Randy and Sandy – AT Corner Podcast

Randy and Sandy Harris are young professionals looking to positively impact Athletic Training.

I personally listen to their podcast and love the interaction between the two of them.

At some point this summer I will have a gap in content.  I will be recording a lot over the summer but I won’t release any until I get them ready.  So to help you fill the void in AT content I encourage you to listen to my friends Randy and Sandy over at ATCorner Podcast.

Randy, How did y’all meet?

R: Scrolling on Instagram and WOW…I went to work and found a mutual connection.  The rest was history.

S: I was actually not going to post the picture of getting my acceptance letter…luckily I did.

Sandy, what is Randy’s Favorite Podcast

S: This one is easy…the Sports Medicine Broadcast…Seriously

Other than that the British Journal of sports medicine.

Randy, what is your favorite part about hosting a podcast with Sandy?

The balance.  She keeps from being too nerdy.  We have different experiences and play well off each other.

Jeremy: I love the relationship and quirkiness.  Watching on social media how you two are genuine and enjoy your time together is such an encouragement.

What is your favorite piece of feedback you have received regarding the podcast?

R: Hearing people comment after the show with a story that we reminded them of.

S: The growth of our audience to include college students through late careers.

Win the crowd over, what will they gain by listening to AT Corner?

We want to be the bridge between education and experience, the college student and the seasoned pro.

Plus free CEUs


Instagram: @ATCorner 

Website: https://atcornerds.wixsite.com/home/about-us

Email: atcornerds@gmail.com

Jeremy: Do not disturb me, I am vacationing.

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