Head Impact Monitoring with Athlete Intelligence

Athlete Intelligence currently has 3 products: Vector, Cue, and Cue+ to help you monitor head impacts for your athletes.

Athlete Intelligence

Tell me about Athlete Intelligence

Wearable device – Cue sports sensor – Bluetooth enabled device

Vector mouthguard – transmits data live and not just Bluetooth

Can receive signals up to 300 yards away

Cue+ – combo of the other two, wearable with the capability of the mouthguard.

Discuss the science behind Athlete Intelligence?

It is the only way to measure in real-time what is happening to the player's head.

Complex algorithms and really nerdy stuff aside, we use accelerometers and gyroscopes to calculate and pinpoint the impacts players receive.

Who is using it?

We built Athlete Intelligence for the youth sports crowd.  It is made to be set up and run by volunteer coaches with little to no training.

What does this look like in a high school setting?

Generally, there would be a locker room table with the mouth guard cases set out.  The cases would be labeled with the player's name or number.

At the end of the day, the player returns the mouthguard or Cue to the case for charging.

Inside the software, the data automatically syncs and send reports as assigned by the administrator in charge.

I do not want to add another task to Athletic Trainers, can coaches run this program?

  1. Create a system that is easy to use
  2. Create affordable packages
  3. Answer the question “What do I do with the data?”
    1. We are really good at data visualization

“ You can not manage what you do not measure”

How long will it last?

As long as you have a subscription…we handle that as part of our service contract.

Mark H wants to know about the data.  Who owns it, where is it stored, what happens to it if we stop using AI?

Data security is super important

We are not a medical device but follow the best practices for medical records.

AI owns the data which allows them to store and analyze it.

Historical data stays with the school account.

Book a demo at www.AthelteIntelligence.com 


Kevin: kwright@athleteintelligence.com

Andrew: agolden@athleteintelligence.com

Jeremy: info@sportsmedicinebroadcast.com

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