Leaving the Profession

Ed asked questions about leaving the profession.

Chad took a step.

John jumped off the diving board.


Leaving the Profession question 1

When we say that people are leaving or there is an AT shortage, are we actually talking about specifically in the traditional setting? (Not sure on % breakdown, but how many ATs are working in industrial and clinic setting now compared to 5 or 10 years ago)

John: I think both are accurate. People are leaving the profession of Athletic Training and are leaving the traditional setting. Both situations are good for the profession.

Leaving The Profession Question 2:

For those who have moved on from a setting or profession, what were some of the red flags you noticed if any, or were there smaller subtler signs that were overseen that added up?

John: Being close enough to the table to recognize budgets and spending, HR trends, and then not be given a proper salary increase or plan for the future were my major red flags. I, unfortunately, ignored all of the mini red flags of the community leading up to my decision allowing my value to drop or not be seen to be given a fair chance/raise. 

Question 3

Are our governing organizations finding this trend of ATs leaving concerning, or is this what the BOC and CAATE want as we push to be more recognized and respected as healthcare professionals?

John: From a MATS perspective, we are noticing it. We are also noticing the 

Question 4

If our profession is in fact trying to distance ourselves from the traditional setting, how do we maintain the same, or improve the level of care we once provided to that population if we are trying to do that with less people?

John: For me, and I think a lot of people, we want to see a well-laid-out plan complete with proactive answers to questions. Without that, it promotes anxiety and uncertainty even if a positive decision is being made. That being said, who knows? I know our skill set is unmatched but we keep changing directions and losing good athletic trainers in the shuffle. 

John, how have you been treated since leaving the profession 6 months ago?

I have had nothing but respect from peers and coworkers.

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