Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery is the movement of medicine. Dr. Jeff Davis of Andrews Sports Medicine believes the repeatability makes robotic surgery a better long-term option for the health of the patient.

robotic surgery
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Paint me a picture, what does robotic orthopedic surgery look like?

Robot-assisted procedures

Primarily used for the spine but as we progress more surgeries become an option.

Total hip and knees are currently being done.

There is imaging to “zero” the joint.

Why Robotic Surgery?

It is an imageless surgery so it reduces the radiation.

The program runs based on preoperative planning.

There is a learning curve and it does take a slight bit longer

There is more opportunity for error if you do it manually

The reproducibility of the surgery is improved

How can Athletic Trainers be a part of the change?

My MA is an AT with a lot of field experience

There is not anything specific about the robot that an AT would benefit.

Knowing about it and its advantages as a resource to the community.

Do some people choose not to have Robotic surgery?

There is some fear of who is controlling the robot, but the surgeon is in control of the robot.

One patient would not get into the CT scanner so we could not do the surgery.

Share some fun / cool stories

Patients that have been in pain for a while have really benefited from the robotic surgery.

The more difficult the surgery the better the outcome from the robot.

With the robot, you can have a much better idea if previous surgeries will impact the current one. Since we use imaging and a computer plan we can prepare a little better than non-robotic procedures.

Robotic Surgery questions from Twitter:

Have you noticed a reduction in recovery times or improvements in outcomes? – ATScoop

Decreased dislocation rate 

It is still the same surgery

Who gets credit for mistakes? – 2thebrownbear

Ultimately it comes down to the surgeon

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