Single Mom ATs

As a single mom AT you have to make a lot of sacrifices. Dr. Erin Hassler has gathered a few friends to share their stories.

Single Mom AT

Dr. Hassler, start us off with your story of getting into AT.

Went to school in Atlanta and always playing some sort of sport.

When I got to college I put the two together.

The 1996 Atlanta Olympics

Currently a teacher

Own SportzFactory

Own a non-profit

Work with Olympic Track and field

Teach adjunct online


20 years out of college and 28 years in AT world

I started as an aide at 13 years old

I hated PE and tried to find my way out of it.

As a cheerleader, I jumped down the stairs and had to visit 

First 5 years I was at a private school and then after school stuff

After that I became the sports performance coordinator.

I loved being part of the team and celebrating and getting better.

It was neat as a high school student to understand the psychological pressures


Athlete with a lot injuries

My high school AT taught me a lot 

Tennessee state for undergrad

Fell in love, got engaged, had a baby, we split and went our separate ways

I knew it was time for me to complete my schooling.

Te Shondra

Born and raised in Florida and I was into sports.

A close family friend was the AT and she became my ride to and from school.

I was active but always found a way to help in with AT.

Went to school in South Carolina

Was married for about 7 years and moved back to Florida.

About year 7 or 8 we were pregnant and about that time he bailed

I did not make the adjustment until my daughter was at an age where she needed more hands-on for competitive practices.

When did the kid(s) come into the picture?

Tell me about your Tribe:

Co-workers that all started at the same time and were in similar situations.

These are the emergency contacts for my daughter

Now I have my “mommy squad” that I have met through my daughter.

Being willing to pick up and drop off your friend’s kids and it is reciprocal.

You need someone to celebrate and sorrow with.

Dr. Hassler – I do not call myself a single mom

I do not label myself as a single mom so that it does not look like I am missing a piece.

“You do not need to try to make up for someone else”

K – I am a thinker and a planner.  I will manage my emotions, but sometimes that is at the end or the process.

I have to let someone else help me

Advice for K

Let your story show your passion and desire

Build your network now

Reach out to everyone you know.

Know the presence the ATs have in the area.

Really understand the expectations that will be placed on you.

Build camaraderie and trust your co-workers

Making a strong connection with the parents and letting them know “I am here for your kid”

Moving to the DAT/PHD

Dr. Abner – I was praying and had a vision and saw that I could get into the collegiate and instructional side then I could still be in the profession. I could help shape the future.

I knew I wanted to finish in 2 years so I did, while holding down my full-time job.

I left my high school while I was in my final year and finished up the DAT.

A friend called and offered the online teaching job.

Erin – My son helped me with my homework.

I would get the books from amazon so we always had books for him to get work done.

Lots of prayer

What has been the best part of being an AT Mom?

Giving my kids different exposures to the different populations I have been around.

Words of encouragement to other Single Mom ATs:

K – you never know what you can do until you are cornered

Do not put energy into things you can not control

Erin – AT is a lifestyle

Use the skills you use as an AT in the rest of your life.

Make the adjustment for the people that are most important to you.

Te Shondra

Self-care is not selfish – take the step back and take care of yourself

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