Maximizing Online learning – Brent Brookbush

Founder of the Brookbush Institute, Dr. Brent Brookbush joins Tanya Watson to discuss some tips for maximizing online learning. AS we are hot on the heels of NATA going virtual again, we hope to help make lemonade.

Brent Brookbush

Dr. Brent Brookbush, you were recently on the movement underground with Mike Stella.  What was your big takeaway from that podcast?

We make statements that I feel are for social media.  We do not live that out in our lives, but we do it for the clicks.

Manual Therapy is supported in research.  Period

All of our courses are Evidence-Based courses

Joints mobs and manipulations have the most research of any treatment in our profession.

How do I find a research-based course?

If it does not have a bibliography then it is not worth studying.

Is there evidence other than this guru’s opinion?

Is there original research?

Look for original sources as the citation

Accreditation is important but an end all be all

Brookbush Institute has lots of courses, almost all online now.  How can we as ATs maximize our online learning? 

There is no current research saying in-person education is better than online.

Would you benefit more if you could review the material and practice on a colleague and then go to the course or course first?

Take it on your own

Repeat it as much as you want

Practice until you are comfortable

Practice on related injuries but not the exact (i.e. shoulder injuries get a spinal manipulation)

Add in an in-person workshop for mastery.

What is Brookbush Institute including in their courses to help retain learning?

The online workshops were incredibly successful because now people had access.

We were only getting into 20-30 cities

“I hate the education system as it is” – Brent Brookbush

What will make this possible for my working colleagues?

We have to make courses short and give credit as they go.

Needs to be on mobile and desktop.

Multimedia – we are adding audio voice over so you can listen while driving or running

We want you to have more access during random downtime.

We do not want to penalize people for taking a long time to finish a course.

Educators tend to kick customer service out the window.

Make it possible to take education easily.

I want to take an IASTM course. What can I do to help me master the manual skills while learning online?

Find a mentor or find/form a local group and “therapize” each other

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