Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton will be taking over GLATA which is now two different districts in the NATA. Challenges and troubles will arise but with a good team in place, the transition should be easier.

Amy Hamilton, what are your thoughts as you begin to dive into the presidential role leading 2 districts in a few short months?

Management versus leadership – how are you going to handle these?

Look at the talent in the room and allow them to use their skills and empower the next generation of leaders.

I lead by example in my day job

A large number of our staff are involved in leadership.

Amy: one of my biggest passions is looking at ATs place in healthcare.

  • I hate the word “coverage” and provide healthcare instead.

Has being a Woman as a leader been difficult?

It has not been a barrier for me because I have not let it be one.

I do not want a seat at a separate table, I want a seat at “that table”

How do we encourage people to break barriers down?

  • Start by asking to help.

GLATA membership carries a good amount of the NATA membership (approx 20%), now that 2 districts represent those ATs, what advantages do you see in future?

We will have a lot more people involved and represented in AT now.  We basically doubled our positions available.

  • Budget is one of the items we didn’t look at all the details for.

As incoming MATS president, John, what thoughts do you have in a state leadership organization in GLATA, District 4?

I look at it from a regional rep's point of view.

We have a lot more opportunities for concerns to be voiced.

We needed to develop future leaders. We had to bring back the Young Professionals committee.

We need leaders with diversity in their leadership experience.

Leadership Series 2021

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