Athletic Training Box – 567

Athletic Training Box started from Adam not being able to attend NATA annual convention and see what new products are available.

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What is Athletic Training Box?

Adam shares live on Facebook with Me and Adam Halpern

An AT Box Costs…

Currently $35 every 3 months.

As the value of the box grows the cost might also.

Adam is also exploring different levels

Use coupon code “sportsmedicinebroadcast” for a special discount for podcast fans

What can I expect to receive in my Athletic Training Box?

The products are constantly changing. Each box has a new set of products that you would find at conventions.

Some boxes include:
Hydration products
Protein Bars

Currently the boxes give you about an 80 dollar value for items sold separate.

What has been your favorite thing to send out?

Adam Likes kinesio tape…so therefore everyone would want Kinesio tape right????

After the first box Adam learned to include a little more variety.

His favorite thing to include is one of the AT Box stickers or t-shirts

Discuss your feedback?

Sales continue to grow so that is a good sign.

After each new box there will be a survey to help Adam better serve you and also to report back to the companies about what and why ATs like the product.

Use coupon code “sportsmedicinebroadcast” for a special discount for podcast fans

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Jeremy Jackson

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