Isotonic Drinks – Cramping Science – 571

Isotonic Drink – neutral or balanced. Fluids and electrolytes can move freely across the abdominal walls without requiring extra processing

Hypertonic Drink – formulas more dense than normal blood causing the body to pull water into the abdomen to process

Hypotonic Drink – are lower in electrolytes than the blood creating a movement of carbohydrates and electrolytes into the stomach and out of the blood

What are some examples of each?

Isotonic – Hoist Hydration (use coupon code “TheSMB”)

Hypertonic – Pickle Juice, The Right Stuff.

Hypotonic – Powerade, Gatorade

What are Mike McKenney's Thoughts?

Mike previously joined the Sports Medicine Broadcast to discuss hypo-hydration and some of the research he has been doing.

As more of an expert in cramping science Mike is leading the series

When are Isotonic Drinks worth drinking?

HOIST was actually created by some hard partying college grads as a way to “cure” a hangover. So if you are going for a night on the town take an Isotonic Drink with you to finish off the night and improve your morning.

Dr. Mark knoblauch discussed how living a low sodium diet has helped him live with greatly reduced symptoms of his Menier's and BPVD.

If you are not sweating and burning electrolytes and calories or have a need for low sodium in your life seek medical advice first.

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