Cramping Science with Dr. Fowkes-Godek 572

Dr. Sandra Fowkes Godek knows cramping science. If you go to her bio on Levelen you will see:

“Dr. Sandra Fowkes Godek is a world-renowned expert in Hydration Sports Science, with over a decade of research in thermoregulation, athlete sweat testing, and fluid & electrolyte replenishment. “

Sandra Fowkes-Godek; Fowkes; Godek; Cramping Science Research

Her West Chester University bio shows even more.

She is the director of the H.E.A.T. Institute

Truly if you want to nerdy out about cramping science read some of her research or find a way to connect with her.

So what about Cramping Science?

Man oh man oh man.

Dr. Fowkes-Godek is smart, quick and a great talker. the numbers and data she can just rattle of about cramping, chloride, potassium, sodium blood levels is amazing.

But she is fun to listen to and engaging.

What is even more she is coming back on the Sports Medicine Broadcast to continue discussing cramping science.

Some of her research with the Philadelphia Eagles included taking guys who were in active full body cramps and drawing blood. How's that for suffering for science.

She also spent hours making specialized drinks to help athletes replace what they lost.

If you can shake dried sweat off your shirt, then you are a salty sweater and need a little extra salt (without added potassium).

What about heat illness and cramping?

If we train people to drink when they are thirsty and give them free access to water we can almost assuredly avoid dehydration.

This does not mean heat exhaustion is only related to hydration

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