Modern Racism

Modern Racism is a public health crisis. Susan Taah and Tony Hunter wanted to question Victoria Morris and me. So we turned over the leader spots and jumped in as the interviewees

Modern Racism Cover image with a picture of Susan Taah, Tony Hunter, and Victoria Morris

Equity vs Equality

What is an example of equity vs equality that you’ve experienced? Have you ever experienced the opposite?

The New Minority

What does the cry for assistance for America’s failing middle class tell you about the minority struggle over the last 6 decades?

Systemic Power and Seniority

What is it like to not be able to hold people accountable?

Diverse discrimination/Overwokeness

Susan & Tony: Words for fellow minorities in the new civil rights movement

Reframing Privilege

If you could define privilege, how would you?


Susan had to point out some for Jeremy on social media.

Effective Safe Spaces for Cultural Diversity & Inclusivity in your ATR

What are your best practices?

Bias – How does it affect you?

Tips on using privilege to advocate

What advice would you give to fellow ATs and members of society?

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Modern Racism Resources:

How to be An Antiracist

Stamped From the Beginning

White Like Me

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