Skin With Kathy Nguyen – 596

Have questions about infections??? Joins as we discuss Skin with Kathy Nguyen

Who is Dr. Kathy Nguyen?

Dr. Kathy Nguyen is a primary care/sports medicine physician.  She is a team physician for multiple high schools, helps with colleges in the Houston area and is the team physician for the Houston Dash soccer team.

Skin With Kathy Nguyen

Do you know what is considered best practice and recommended by research?

As athletic trainers, we routinely see a variety of skin issues happening with our athletes.

Blisters: do you pop it or not?

Today on the podcast Dr. Nguyen relays to us the best practice in issues as common as blisters and as serious as tinea issues that may be resistant to topical antibiotics.

For example

At minute 2:10 on the podcast, Dr. Nguyen says she always recommends leaving the blister if possible.

Around 4 minutes on “Skin with Kathy Nguyen”, she discusses wound care specialist opinion on new skin growth and scarring.

What are truths and what are myths?

Through research and discussion with other wound care specialists, she helps us sift through what are considered old wives tales and gives us concrete reasons to refer a skin issue or lesion to a doctor.

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Watch the “Skin with Kathy Nguyen” presentation

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