SSAT: Where are we going? – 512

Where are we going in the SSATC?

Some of us feel left out, some of us feel unsupported.  So where is the NATA's SSATC leading us?
How are THEY supporting us?
When are THEY going to start looking out fur the SSATs?
Those are great questions for Bart and Jason.
SSATC; Bart Peterson; Jason Cates; Secondary Schools Athletic Trainers Committee;
Jason Cates and Bart Peterson provide leadership to the Secondary School Athletic Trainers Committee.  They join us hot off the SSAT learning lab to share their insight and where are headed. These are great ATs who are true advocates for the secondary setting.

How can you get one of these shirts?

Find me at one of the future NATA events and I will have them there.  I have randomly sent some out to people who are very active on social media promoting the Sports Medicine Broadcast.
Or join the email list and you will know where I will be giving them out.

Where did this conversation take place?

We used Facebook live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live and even periscope to stream as many of the NATA 2018 Expo Interviews as possible.
YouTube Live videos: The Sports Medicine Broadcast
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